Why You May Need To Update Your Acting Headshot NOW

You Want Auditions.

Beautiful Older ActressYou need to stand out – be striking – give casting directors a reason to look longer and feel a connection.

You need to immediately communicate to casting directors:

– Professionalism

– Experience

– Expertise

– Versatility

– Expression

– Confidence

– Your unique values and qualities

– Your look, accurately

– Your most attractive features

– That you are a dream to work with

– That you’re serious about this – you can be trusted


You also need to stay current in the industry and fresh to casting directors. These CDs may see your acting headshot repeatedly as you submit for auditions. It becomes very easy for them to pass you over if they’ve seen your shot before. Stay updated and stay interesting with new headshots at least once or twice a year if you want a better shot at getting called.

My job as your photographer is to communicate all this (and more) with one single shot.

I take this job very seriously. I’ve spent the last 10 years studying lighting, reflection, backgrounds, posing, expression, body language and communication, and have been in the industry in depth since my own daughter is a film actor. I also happen to LOVE what I do! I basically play, solve fun puzzles, and get to know people for a living. (Life is GOOD!)

What is your headshot communicating? Let’s get you some headshots and looks that can’t be passed over.

Contact her at info@eldeenannette.com to see about next available dates and to book a session.