Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Questions

How do I book a session?

Give us a call or shoot us an email.  We actually love talking on the phone and getting to know you better!  Email's cool, too, though.  You can email Eldeen directly at

Have an idea how many looks you would like to shoot, and if you would like professional hair and make-up, so we can look accurately at our calendar options.

Once we nail down a time, we will collect a $200 deposit to hold your spot

Do I own the rights to the photos?

Yes!  The images you choose are released to print, share, and save for both personal and business use. You will only own the rights to the images included with your package (or purchased in addition).  You do not automatically own the rights to the full set of proofs.

Can I edit my own photos?

I suppose it's an option, but we strongly recommend against it unless you have an extensive amount of Photoshop experience and expertise.  We do provide 2 edits with each look for you.  If you would like additional images edited, we offer editing at an affordable rate. Casting directors do NOT like images that look “Photoshopped."  Our edits are highly detailed, natural, and are designed to “WOW" people without causing alarm.

How are the photos delivered?

Within 12 hours, your full set of un-edited images will be delivered via a dropbox link.  This link is active for 5 days to give you, and anyone else interested, a chance to save to your home computer and back up.

Once you have chosen the headshots you would like edited and communicated with us your excellent selections, we will take great care to perfect your choices and email them back to you as file attachments.

What is included with a re-touch?

Our highly detailed re-touching includes correcting any possible lighting issues, carefully removing stray hairs, removing blemishes (or anything that is not permanent to your look), and giving your images a warmth and touch of pop and sharpness to woo casting directors.  We do not add trendy filters, do not over-soften skin, or create edits that will cause alarm to casting directors.

You will also have the un-edited version of your image to use if you prefer, and we can always dial back the edit if you need.

How many outfits should I bring?

This answer depends on how many looks you will be shooting.  In general, we suggest you bring 2-3 outfit choices per look that we can choose from.
Make sure each outfit is fitted. Most importantly, make sure you feel AMAZING in each outfit! If you don’t have anything that you love in your closet,
go shopping!
We do not shoot shoes, so just bring a comfy pair that is easy to slip off and on.
We will send you a “How to Prepare" guide shortly after booking, with more information on how to choose great outfits for your acting headshot session.

What’s your policy for rescheduling?

At least 72 hours notice if you need to reschedule; otherwise, you will be subject to the loss of your deposit.

Can I get a discount for coming back? What about for multiple kids?

Eldeen Annette does offer discounts only when referred by certain agencies that have partnered with her. Ask your agency if they have partnered with Eldeen Annette Headshots (and if they haven't, encourage them to give us a call and inquire!).
We do not offer discounts for siblings or multiple actors coming at once.

Do you provide a hair and make-up artist?

We do not automatically include professional hair and make-up for our awesome actors. We very strongly suggest taking advantage of their expertise, however.  Hair and make-up is available for an additional rate, and is worth every penny.  They know how to provide makeup that is punchy, great for the camera, and natural looking all at the same time.

The make-up artist will stay with us during the duration of the shoot to adjust your style with each look.

Men do not necessarily need professional make-up.

Do you know of a good talent agent?

We sure do.  Check out our Recommended Talent Agencies list under the INFO tab. Each agency has unique qualities and values. We recommend giving each of them a call to see if they may be right to represent you!  Each agency also has different requirements and audition processes.

What does the term, LOOK mean?

Actors genuinely benefit from having several “looks" in their headshots that they can choose from when submitting for different roles.  For instance, you wouldn't want to submit a “sweet girl next door" style headshot for a psychopath killer character who loves black lipstick and bats.

Know which roles you would typically audition for, or would like to be cast as.  Develop simple, yet character-specific outfits for each role you might like to be considered for.

We always strongly recommend one “character-neutral" outfit that just lets good ol' YOU shine!

Do you shoot outside or inside?

We shoot almost exclusively inside the studio, in order to better control the light and create a more powerful image that really POPS. However, if you require an outdoor setting, we can accommodate you on the home studio property only.

Should I wear my glasses?

If you would like to wear glasses for one of your looks, you will need to either have your lenses removed for the shoot, or we also have various, fun, lens-less options here you can use.

We will not shoot glasses with the glass part still a part of the glasses. 🙂 Too much lens reflection and glare.

(Men) When should I shave?

We love the idea of shaving here after your first look. We will tailor the session and get a look or two with the stubble, and one or two without. Bring shaving supplies, including a small towel.

How often should I update my headshot?

There are actually more reasons that you might think for updating your acting headshot often – like, twice a year.

  • If your look has changed AT ALL, you need new headshots.  The most consistent request (and complaint) of casting directors is when a headshot isn't representative of the actor. Slightly shorter hair cut?  Get a new headshot. New hair color?  New headshot.  Lost some weight?  …you get the idea.
  • You have taken some acting classes and now are incredibly skilled at crying on screen, or maybe combat.  You need a headshot to represent your new sweet sweet skills and easily convince CDs that you are made for this role.
  • Often, actors are submitting for roles that happen to be going to the same casting directors.  Actors Access, TV auditions, and many commercial auditions will go through a relatively connected group of directors for casting.  We have learned directly from these sources (and confirmed from management at Donna Baldwin Talent here in Denver) that the directors can actually tire of seeing the same image submitted over and over.  A fresh image is absolutely necessary when you've been “passed over" by the same CD in the past.  Give them a new element of who you are – a new reason to stop on your image, rather than put it in the “seen that one" box.

How far out do you book?

Eldeen Annette Headshots books 6-8 weeks in advance.  Call ASAP to get on the calendar.  Every client is also put on a waiting list for reschedules and sudden openings.